If you are interested in becoming part of our Group CrossFit Classes we require you to have taken our 3 class introduction called CrossFit Elements. This is an introduction course to teach you basic movements and concepts in CrossFit, you’ll still get a world class workout in each class.

There are 2 Routes you can take to get you started.  ( You must attend all 3 in order to be able to start into the regular group classes)

Evening: Monday, Wednesday at 6:15pm and Saturday at 10:00am*

Morning: Tuesday, Thursday at 7:30am and Saturday at 10:00am*

*You MUST attend the classes in order. Class 1 is Monday night or Tuesday morning.  If you miss the start date, you must wait until the following week to get started.


Please contact Jesse at jesse@crossfitwhiterock.com or call/text to 214-444-4266 to register for the classes.

If those times do not work for your schedule contact us to set up private elements. (3 one-on-one classes/$45 each that we can fit into your timeline).