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You wouldn’t drive a car without first figuring out how it works, would you? The same goes for CrossFit. Our Elements Course is custom designed to prepare any new member for CrossFit classes at White Rock. During each of the mandatory three sessions, you’ll learn the essential CrossFit movements, leaving you with the knowledge and self-confidence to rock any of our group classes.

Our Elements classes are purposely small, so you get one-on-one instruction from our world-class coaches. You’ll see first hand how to execute each new movement and put them into practice during the Workout Of the Day, or WOD.

If you are brand new to CrossFit, the Elements Course is mandatory for all new members to CrossFit White Rock.

Please Contact us at to register for the class.


Monday and Wednesday at 6:15PM and Saturday Morning at 10AM


Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30AM and Saturday Morning at 10 AM

You MUST attend the classes in order. Class #1 is Monday night or Tuesday morning.  If you miss the start date, you must wait until the following week to get started.


The Elements are included with any of our memberships.

If our elements times do not work for you, call us 214-444-8540 to set up Private Elements to get you started ($45 per session).


First Class is FREE!!  Feel free to try anyone of our regular group classes.  Please contact us at or call 214-444-8540 ahead of time so we know that you will be attending class!!