CrossFit Group Classes

What is CrossFit?
Well CrossFit is defined as, “constantly varied functional movements performed at high-intensity.”

It was developed over a couple decades by a trainer named Greg Glassman he believed that the definition fitness at the time was incomplete. Around the 1990s and early 2000’s the fittest people on the on the planet were believed to be triathletes who could travel the most distance in the shortest amount time.

Not only did he believe the definition of fitness was incorrect he also found fault in the gym’s he trained in. He saw everyone in the gym was using machines to perform exercises, that only worked on muscle groups, exercises that had no functions in real life.

Greg Glassman being the visionary that he was wanted to break the mold. He created Crossfit, a program based on a belief that fitness should be inclusive, including gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting and body weight movements. CrossFit is created to make a healthier better life that’s why the movements we do activate numerous muscle groups mimicking things you do in real life.

As for “functional movements” we’ve already touched base on that. What we’re doing in CrossFit is what can help you get better in the real world, no peck deck in here.

Finally “performed at high-intensity”, CrossFit workouts are measured, either by time or we are going to count your reps. exercises in the WOD are completed as fast as you possibly can, we 100% proper form, to help you build a higher level fitness.