Matthew Barksdale


Born and raised in Livingston, Louisiana, I’m 100% a country kid, loving any sport that you will let me play. I love riding horses, ATVs, and anything else this young redneck can cake with mud. Open fields over city sky scrapers, but I gotta say, Dallas has become a very special place.

What is your fitness background

When I was young my loving parents gave me the opportunity to try any sport that I was willing to give 100% to. I played baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, and even a little gymnastics when I was very young. I eventually gravitated towards basketball which introduced me to the Gayle Hatch Weightlifting facility for speed and conditioning. At 14 years old I began Olympic lifting and still continue to this day. My love for Olympic lifting as well as donuts grows stronger each day.

Favorite Movement/WOD

Snatching by far! The balance of explosive power, strength, and coordination is a thing of beauty and can test any athlete’s level of fitness. Amanda is by far my favorite workout. Squat snatches will push your ability to be explosive and in control and then Muscle Ups will reveal your gymnastic abilities.

What are some of your goals

I would like to develop myself into a well-rounded coach that has the ability to take any individual and help them reach there fitness goals. Being able to take on any challenge presented to me has always excited me so there is nothing better than being able to help someone chase their dreams no matter what type of physical conditioning their dreams require.

How do you see Crossfit being different that other fitness programs

Simply put you get to go to a place where you work out every day with friends that want nothing more than to see you succeed. The community is everything and what keeps me coming back every day.